Employee Participation in Decision Making

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McCabe and Lewin (cited in Dundon et al., 2004) termed employee voice as a way of expressing complaints or grievances or dissatisfaction and the participation and involvement of employees in decision making process of organization. During the last two decades the revolutionary steps that have been initiated to facilitate the high performance working mainly focused on increasing the ways of joint consultation, which attracts both employers (who demand better business results) and employees (who demand recognition and protection of employee rights) (CIPD, 2009). Employee voice is a very important factor in the success of an organization. Dundon et al. (2004) argues that successful voice regimes not only positively affect the performance…show more content…
sensitive financial and organizational information is shared with employees .these symbolic gestures can make them feel ,they are trust worthy and being treated fairly and openly and they are an important asset for the organization. (Marchington,Wilkinson2005 pp77)This committement can lead to improved performance as committed employess put extra dicretionery effort in to the work. Landau, 2009 concludes that employees who express their voice and their voice is accepted and appreciated ,are more committed,more likely to stay in the organization,have good attitudes about their immediate managers and feel more secure as comapare to those who speak up unsuccessfully. Downward communication takes place in almost all the organizations.different kind of mediums are used to brief employees about the current issues faced by the organization. Employee voice can pave a way for more conducive and open work environment to work in.(Wilkinson,2004) Correct decision making will be enhanced if managers allow opinions of others and constructive feedback and criticism. employee involvement is Financial participation not only helps employee to contribute towards the success of the organizatioan but also help them take their fair share of company profits.marchington,2005 It is argued that employees will
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