Employee Responsivity Model

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authors states that the Risk Principle of the criminal and violent behavior can be predicted and the intensity of the interventions should be in consensus with the particular risk level of these individuals. Williams et al, 2017 explains some variations in risk assessment tools are established by the expectation of the IPV behavior, if persistent, difficulty, intensification, and the deliberate use of those instruments by clinical screening in medical, police and intake evaluations, but likewise by probation and parole staffs. Approaching from the Risk Principles postulations in their research, Williams et al., 2017 also states that with help of these tools, any criminal and violent behavior can be predicted. Bonta & Andrews, 2016 reinforces the Needs …show more content…

“This matching of service to offender risk is the essence of the Risk Principle and is the bridge between assessment and effective treatment.” (Bonta & Andrews, 2010 pp 47-48). Authors Andrews and Dowden, 2006

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