Employee suffer the effect of power and are not the bearers of it

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Over centuries humanity have progressed to be where the world stands today through the hardship of improving and development the country using countless of manpower to achieve their specified target. Everyone played their part in order to develop their nation to greater means. The people who mainly contributed their strength, pouring their heart and soul at work are the workers or also better known as ‘employees’. The employees are the means that is required in order to drive an organization. Without them, an organization would not even be an organization as there is no one to keep it running which implies that employees should not be taken for granted. In the modern world today, question arises regarding the mistreatment of employees …show more content…

This threat is slowly trapping any organizations that are based on bureaucracy because it operates through logic and nothing else. For example, if a person calls a bank to question them regarding a failure to transfer money to another account, they may end up getting passed from one specialist to another just because they are not the proper person to solve the problem (Arthur,1996). According to Jeffery(2010), Weber discovered three types of authorities believed to be a necessity in order to bring stability in an organization. The first authority is traditional whereby an organization remain unchanged in terms of management. They prefer to stick to the old ways and resist change. For example, an organization will not want to change the culture of constantly monitoring their employees at all time because they believe it is right. The second authority is rational-legal authority, perceived by Weber as a primary example of bureaucracy. The rational-legal authority is based on the rules, law and power held by employers. In this case, employees will have to follow every procedure and rules documented or they will have to face the consequences of not doing so from their employer, which are usually the managers. The third authority is charismatic based solely on unbiased rules and norms. Since charismatic authority is unstable, Conger(1993) suggested that it’s purpose is best served during a crisis to facilitate the transition from one to another. Shortly after that,

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