Labour Relation Act Assignement

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Course: Principles of Human Resource Management Section: Industrial Relations Assignment: Individual Assignment Question 1 How employee can be dismissed for poor performance In today’s work environment it is important that the employees meet the competitiveness of their organisation’s market locally and globally. To have employees that are not performers (Dead Woods) can cost the company an arm and a leg. Poor performers can cost companies a lot of money, not only due to service but due to mistakes they make. More over dealing with them take up a significant part of management time. Most organisations do not have a system that addresses, and deal away with poor performers openly and honestly. In these sections we will be looking at…show more content…
2. Was the rule or standard valid or reasonable 3. Was the employee aware, or could reasonable be expected to be aware of the rule or standard 4. Did you apply the rule or standard consistently 5. Was the dismissal an appropriate sanction for the contravention? If all the steps above have been followed, it is assuring that the dismissal will be substantially fair Poor performance infringement must be dealt with via a process of more than one to three warnings at progressively higher levels of severity, depending on the adherence or compliance of the infringement. The warning accumulated on a progressive basis can culminate in a disciplinary hearing and a possible dismissal. In the case of poor performance only the infringement of the similar kind accumulated in the line of progression stand a reason to a discipline. The standard generic corrective procedure to be followed 1. Make sure that the infringement occurred and has been committed by the employee in question, that is to have a proof that the employee under performed 2. Meet privately with the employee and explain the poor performance, ensuring the employee understands and making summarised notes of the entire corrective meeting discussion 3. Give the employee the opportunity at the meeting to put his reasons for poor performance 4. Carefully consider the his reason for poor performance and decide on the facts and balances of probability as at to wether the employee is guilty or not 5.

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