Employment Issues : Types Of Employment Contracts

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Employment Issues Types of Employment Contracts Awards - Awards also known as modern awards, are the “minimum wages and conditions an employee is entitled to.” Awards only apply for specific jobs and industries. For people who have an enterprise agreement, awards don 't apply. The NES applies to awards. About Awards Each specific job has a different award amount. It is illegal to be paid lower than the award amount. As people get older their award amount increases until they are 21. Employers are allowed to pay the employee more than the award amount. How much is paid in Awards Minimum amount of wages Higher pay on Saturdays and Sundays Different payments for different times of work. Eg. Night, Day or Morning shifts. Casuals and Part…show more content…
People who do not have an enterprise agreement or awards have common law contracts. A common law contract is an agreement made by the employer and employee which can be updated or changed at any time. Common Law Contracts can include How much money is paid How long each shift is How many hours needs to be worked in a week What leave entitlements there are “Common law contracts must not contain any terms or conditions for work which are less favourable to the employee then the relevant award.” Anybody with a common law contract is covered by the NES. Part time and Full time employees must have a WRITTEN contract. Casual workers can have either a written or verbal contract. Employment types Advantages and Disadvantages Employment Contacts Advantages Disadvantages Awards The advantages of awards are that it allows the business to employ many employers rather than a few for a high amount. Awards also advantage employees. Awards make sure that people do not get paid a very low amount for their job. Awards stop businesses from using employees and also stops malpractice. The disadvantages of Awards are that people are not allowed to contract out of awards. They have to stay in till the very end. Also the award cannot be negotiated making it difficult for the employee to add what they want in the terms and conditions. Terms can not be changed after people are employed. Enterprise Agreements One main advantage of enterprise
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