My 10 Best Practices In Human Resources

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My 10 best practices in Human Resources:

Healthcare benefits- Thousands of Americans die every week because they have no healthcare. They cannot afford it or it is not offered at their place of employment. Offering these benefits for employees are important because they cover outpatient care, prescriptions, outpatient care, pregnancy, mental health services, lab tests, therapy, pediatric services. and dental services. Having healthcare benefits would help gain employees and keep them around longer. That benefits us both, employer and employee. I believe that is a good practice.
Employee Assistance Plan- Many people have some kind of issue going on in their life that keep them from being able to work. Whether it is physical like drugs
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Most commonly, child-care and elderly care. Our workforce changes everyday and offering minimal child-care benefits would be a competitive advantage by gaining good workers. Offering child-care referrals, scheduling child-care help, and reimbursing employees for child-care expenses helps tremendously, and affects employee's attitudes and job performance in a positive way. Offering elder- care benefits would be referrals for employees who have parents needing care. A common benefit becoming popular is long-term healthcare insurance providing nursing homes or home care. These benefits are a good practice for HR to have because this is our workforce and it is…show more content…
There is no playing favorites. Employers must understand how they treat one employee, they must treat all employees. If one employee gets in trouble for taking a smoke break, that staff member outside doing the same thing should get in trouble. Allowing certain employees to do this or that when others cannot, creates a bad attitude in the workplace. We do not want this. Being consistent, shows we are fair and makes for a good reputation for how we run our company.
Be personally involved- The hiring process is the most important step in our company. Getting involved by helping with this process, ensures the right tone for how to run our company. If we, the boss, get involved 100% and dedicate ourselves in this step for quality control, our workers see this and work harder for us. That is a positive.
Unexpected awards and rewards- By rewarding employees or giving awards, it makes for great attitudes and work environment. Employees get motivated and excited not knowing what the day may hold if they are working hard, meeting goals, making improvements, going above and beyond for customers. Whether we give out certificates, prizes, money, food, employees get motivated and see what good work habits will get them. Surprises are nice. A good, happy work environment is great for the company and the
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