Encyclopedia Britannica: Marketing Analysis-Term Case Report Essay

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Encyclopedia Britannica: Marketing Analysis-Term Case Report

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary II. History of the Company’s digital/internet era III. Competition IV. Analysis V. Recommendations

I. Executive Summary:
Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the oldest, well known brands in the world. The Encyclopedia Britannica was first published in 1768. Encyclopedia Britannica was the leader in the Encyclopedia industry for over 200 years and established a strong hold in the marketplace for its encyclopedias world-wide. The information industry struck Encyclopedia Britannica hard in the early 1990’s and Encyclopedia Britannica struggled to develop its own niche within this new marketplace
The company got
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In 1999, Encyclopedia Britannica launched an Internet service, The internet site was operated by another company. The website incorporated the entire Encyclopedia Britannica volume and also included article. allowed users to purchase Encyclopedia Britannica CD-ROMs and other products such as the print version utilizing payment options. Britannica issued the largest advertising campaign in the company’s history to announce the site's launch. Ten million users attempted to access on its opening day, which caused the site to crash repeatedly. The site was shut down and restarted weeks later, but usage decreased once the site returned. A company executive bravely stated that he hoped it would be profitable by 2002, one year after was started, they laid off 20 percent of their work force.

III. Competition:

Wikipedia was created in 2001 and has become one of the leading reference sites on the World Wide Web with around 68 million visitors monthly as of January 2010. Wikipedia consists of more than 91,000 contributors and 15,000,000 articles in over 270 languages. Wikipedia allows hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world to freely make tens edits and create
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