Business Studies Assessment Task : Marketing

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Yr. 12 Business Studies Assessment Task: Marketing

By Jordan Bridger

Executive Summery

This business report aims to show how important a marketing plan is, demonstrate the key elements of a successful marketing plan and how a marketing plan helps a company to sell its products and service. This Marketing plan will use the company Aldi as a case study, (the supermarket chain) to demonstrate how a marketing plan works. Aldi is a major supermarket chain that provides highly competitive retail food products to households. As a retail company they face all the marketing problems that other retail company faces (product range, price and marketing segmentation).

Business Description

Aldi appears to have been quite a success over recent years. For example, Aldi have approximately 9,000 stores across the world in 18 different countries. The company in 2014 (particularly in the United kingdom) made a profit of over 157.9 Million Pounds ($254.6 million). This has almost tripled from 2012. This means that in Australia, the company now poses as a large threat to the larger supermarket companies like, Woolworths and Coles. This is because of how low Aldi food prices are. The company offers similar foods to the other supermarket companies but at a significantly lower price.

S.W.O.T Analysis

• According to Aldi, the company claims to serve top quality products to its consumers.

• Aldi Has a strong presents in Germany, with

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