Endangered Trees In Chile Essay

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There are many problems with the marine and land ecosystems on Chile's Juan Fernandez archipelago. One of the problems is some of the trees and plants have been destroyed by logging destruction and fires. Some say that the problem is easy to fix, but others claim that it is too much money. Also, many birds are getting instinct. Part of that problem is all of the invasive species living there. they are starting to crowd out the island's native plants and birds. This occurs when humans start to live on the island. The island's native peoples brought goats and rabbits that just reproduced. They also brought along cats, mice, rats and carnivorous coati, certain racoon. Each species has made a problem. The cats have killed hummingbirds. There are now less than 1,000 birds. Now, there are many wild goats on the island. They are destroying a habitat of a bird species called Rayadito de Masafuera. Now there are only less than 550 of them remainding. Settlers of Chile have also cut down native trees of the islands. Flourishing European and North African blackberry plants and Chile’s…show more content…
Well, some say that we should save the endangered species. This can be done by doing away with nonnative plants and animals. It would just need a certain amount of money, time and effort. Chile has a plan to keep other species from getting to the archipelago. This plan includes baiting the islands with poison and putting hunters on helicopters to kill unwanted species. This plan would take a lot of money, which leaves people thinking, “why not just fund the procedure?”. The problem with just funding it is that some people may not want to take action. Although some don’t mind it, many islanders are used to the invasive species, and have cats. Others don’t want to suffer losing rabbit and goat meat. Without substantial jungles and unique trees, tourists won’t come, topsoil will flurry away, and fresh water for the about 700 islanders will
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