Energy Drinks: Why Does It Important To Be Successful?

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62. Reward Yourself When you hit your daily caloric goals reward yourself. Label a tip jar that says met the caloric goal for the day or something similar. Throw a dollar or more in it every day that you’ve done it. Each week if you lost your goal lbs., throw an additional $5 or $10 in the jar to reward yourself and build up your stash. At the end of the month check out the pot. Go buy yourself something as a reminder and celebration of your efforts. 63. Energy Drinks You're better off steering clear of the energy drinks. This is a can of sugar and caffeine in most cases. If you don’t like coffee, then go with tea, or get to like them because the energy drink can have a negative impact on your health if prolonged. 64. Expect to be Successful Expecting to be successful builds momentum and helps you to stay on …show more content…

Consume this First and Eat Less Use a glass of water to help you eat less. Drink a glass of water before your next meal. Throw in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to give it some flavor as well as an the added benefits of apple cider vinegar. You can also add a variety of fruits and vegetables to a gallon container for infused water. 74. Honey Honey is actually good for you. It’s sweeter than sugar and has about 20 calories per teaspoon. It contains anti-oxidants. It helps to heal cuts and burns and also a cure for a hangover. Don’t over indulge. Use it in place of refined sugar when possible. 75. Breakfast Bars Skip them as they are typically high in calories, loaded with fat and sugars. You’re better off with a homemade smoothie where you control the ingredients. It’s fast, nutritious and fewer calories. 76. Start a New Habit Get up 10 minutes early in the morning and go for a brisk walk. Every evening an hour or so after dinner take 10 minutes to do some stretching or skip some rope. Or go to bed a half hour early and read for 30 minutes instead of watching TV. Motivation is what will get you started, habit is what keeps you going. - Jim

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