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SFS Energy Finance Americas (SFS EF AM) requests the approval to commit up to CA$50.0 million (US$37.6 million) to Tems Sayamkwu LP’s (TSLP) CA$198 million (approximately US$149 million) fixed rate Construction/Term Loan (the “Term Loan”). The initial tenor of the Term Loan is seven years (initial maturity date: Nov. 2025) with about CA$176.5 million or 89% of balloon requiring refinancing. The debt financing also includes a CA$13 million line of credit facility and SFS EF AM will not participate in the LC facility. TSLP will construct, own, and operate three separate, run-of-river hydroelectric generating stations (“Narrow Inlet” or the “Project”). These three power stations are Chickwat Creek, Ramona Lake and Ramona Creek. All of the …show more content…

Altaqua Renewable Power Corp (10.6%) is a private company headquartered in British Columbia, Canada. Altaqua was the original developer of this project prior to May 2015 when BluEarth acquired a majority ownership. Tsain-ko Blue Run of River Limited Partnership (“shíshálh Nation”) (11.4%) is a First Nations band located in British Columbia, Canada. The Project is located within shíshálh Nation territory. BER’s subsidiary, BlueEarth Asset Management, Inc. (“BEAM”), will operate the plant pursuant to a long-term operating & maintenance agreement (the “OMA”). BEAM has over 20 years of experience in the renewable plant operations, including about 25 MW run-of-river and 9 MW of lake storage facility. The turbines will be supplied by Global Hydro, an Austrian company. The Pelton technology has been in use since 1870 to extract energy from moving water. Pelton turbines are mainly used for relatively low quantities of water. Jim Dent Construction Ltd. (JDC) (NR) is the Prime Contractor for the Project. Murphy Project Management Services Inc. (MRMS or the “Construction Manager”) (NR), under a construction management contract, is responsible for management of work being performed by multiple sub-contractors under individual fixed price, date certain contracts. Please refer to the table on page 4 for a list of contractors and the individual scope of work. The Project will sell the energy

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