Engineergirl Advantages And Disadvantages

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Engineergirl Essay It’s a tied football game and the runner is returning the ball, they break every tackle coming their way, the blockers are opening a pathway to run. You’re at the 30 yard line, 20 yard line, 10 and you’re in the end zone. Touchdown! The runner doesn’t even celebrate but hurries off the field. They go to the coach and tell them they’re tired and he needs something to boost him up. What could possibly be made or thought of to help the athletes manage to get winded too much or be capable of performing their sport to their best ability?
Next on this episode of Emerging Sports Medicine is a new mechanism designed to give athletes a boost of energy when they get winded in a game. Created by a senior attending University of Texas …show more content…

Like I said earlier, too much caffeine isn’t good. One is that your heartbeat will increase tremendously. You don’t want your heart to be beating fast because then your energy will decrease even faster while it’s trying to slow your heart down. Another huge one is dehydration. Dehydration takes a huge toll on your body when playing sports. You could possibly pass out, catch fevers or become weak. But overall, the patches have an overall good effect on athletes. The biggest disadvantage is the availability to people. A lot of people would like to use the patches for the fact that they give you more energy to do things but it comes at a huge price. With such good quality they could price it as high as they would want.
With so much being offered with the patches, they come with a huge price like I stated before. Most companies sell them for almost 100 dollars but I would like the patches to accessible to all. Most athletes don’t have other jobs because they have a full scholarship to play sports. Adults have bills and other things to pay for so the expensive price for an energy patch is not helpful. I want all people to be able to use the patches. Of course they have to be a little pricey because of the material being

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