English Chinese Dictionary Is What I Use For This Assignment

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Q1 a) OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNER’S ENGLISH-CHINESE DICTIONARY is what I use for this assignment. Due to it is the largest, most authoritative English-Chinese dictionary in print. It contains over 185000 words phrases and meaning, including the latest vocabulary form different fields. b) In the dictionary, a headword, spelling of the headword and definition of the headword are given in English, follow by explanations for this headword in Chinese. The way to check whether you know this vocabulary is that you can pronounce and spelling this vocabulary correctly, and then can use this vocabulary in sentence(s) to illustrate it’s meaning without looking at the definition. Q2 In order to estimate the size of my vocabulary by using OXFORD…show more content…
Each member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the samples. • Used only if the population has no differentiated levels, sections, or classes. Done with or without replacement. • It is a fair way to select a sample and reasonable to generalize the results from the sample back to population The disadvantages • Different to obtain • The process relatively easy for small population but relatively difficult and time consuming for a large population • Due to its randomness, “freak” results can sometimes be obtained that are not representative of subgroups in the population. In addition, these results may be difficult to spot. Increasing the sample size is the best way to eradicate this problem. Systematic sampling Systematic sampling is type of probability sampling which select samples by following some rules set by research which involves selecting the k’th member where the random the random start is determined. • Record that total number of vocabulary in the dictionary is M, total pages is N • Choose the sample size you want n pages • Choose our starting page randomly x, not first 10 page and not the last 10 page, since those pages in most cases are not typical • Sampled the dictionary at equal interval, say N/n = k • So the number of sample page is X, which are x, x+k, x+2k, x+3k, ... • Test yourself whether you
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