English Class Reflection

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Advancing from a sophomore level English class into a college level class this year was a major step for me. I had been told multiple times that high school is guided learning while college is not and that made me rather uneasy. I've taken multiple AP classes so I assumed that this English class would be no different from a AP English in high school. At first glance over the syllabus, I realized that I was wrong. I had underestimated the level of self-motivation and commitment that is needed to succeed in this class. I knew I was capable and ready for this type of learning environment but there are some challenges I will need to overcome. My biggest challenge as I progress through this English 101 term will be participating in class discussions, seeking needed help, and taking notes as well as annotating texts.
Speaking up in class discussions can be a daunting thing, everyone is listening and you don’t want to mess up. One of the challenges I will need to overcome is being able to actively participate in class discussions. The syllabus describes active participation as, "speaking in large-groups, whole-class discussions every week and engaging in assigned activities” (Escobar 8). I am not very confident about being able to speak in class discussions and large group discussions to the full extent that I would like to. I sometimes worry that my ideas and interpretations of the topic are inaccurate and flawed, so instead of speaking my mind, I keep quiet. I let others lead
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