English Essay Reflection

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The reason I decided to get a degree in English is so I can go to law school, and in order to do that I know that my writing skills need to be far beyond good. In my English 202 class I did well on both inward and outward looking theories, but didn’t necessarily perfect either. Going forward in the major I would like to focus on perfecting both types of theories by taking advantage of the resources provided to me. Although I had a clear understanding of all theories when it came down to writing my essays I didn’t execute my papers to their full potential. I would like to be able to use the feedback given to me more efficiently in future English courses. But although I was able to understand all theories, there was one theory which I did not enjoy at all, linguistic discourse analysis. However, there was a theory which I fell in love with, Marxism. Overall, I think I did well in the class, but I plan on striving to be able to write much better as I move on in the major.
When Writing my papers, I would usually take a few days to do so, but not because I edited and revised my papers a few times but rather because I would take my time to write them. Although taking your time to write a paper isn’t a bad idea, it also isn’t necessarily too efficient if by the time you finish it you have no time to truly get it revised. This is exactly what happened most of the time with my papers. I would make an outline, jot down ideas, have everything laid out and ready to use to write it, but

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