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When I first started this class I had no idea what to expect, I was nervous since this was my first college English class. After the first couple of classes, I realized I did not have anything to worry about. You were a great teacher that I got along with well. When we had our conference projects mid-semester I was feeling very good about what the second half of the semester. P.M. Forni wrote in Choosing Civility, “Somebody’s words hurt us and we perceive a swell of outrage inside. Let’s stop for a moment to pay attention to it. Are we overacting? Are we about to act in a way we will soon regret?” (pg.38) I found this quote extremely meaningful because, I think everyone can agree that in some point in their lives they have over reacted about something. If everyone just took a moment to think about how them reacting to something will affect them in the future, it would save a lot of people from getting hurt or regretting something they might say. Michael P. Nichols wrote, “Much of the conflict in our lives can be explained by one simple but unhappy fact: We don’t really listen to each other.” This quote is so true when it comes to people speaking to one another, we often forget to listen to the person speaking to us. This problem would be solved if we look up from our cellphones and communicated with the people around us. P.M Forni wrote in Choosing Civility, “Our lives are made up of events that we have little or no control over.” (pg.15) I wanted to right about

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