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Entertainment Weekly Magazine Analysis Entertainment Weekly is a weekly periodical featuring entertainment related news stories. The magazine is notable for featuring film, television, book, and music reviews. Unlike some magazines targeting specific demographics, Entertainment Weekly appeals to a broad audience. Considering many people of all ages have an interest in the arts, the magazine appeals to both young and old readers. The magazine features celebrities of all ages, along with typically lighthearted articles geared towards a broad audience. The magazine features entertainment related stories that target both young and old readers alike. Considering the content of the magazine is related to the arts, the cover of the magazine usually features actors promoting upcoming film or television projects. The most recent edition of the magazine features celebrity Rebel Wilson on the May 8th edition promoting her upcoming film “Pitch Perfect 2”. Similar to the current issue, the May 1st edition featured actor Tom Hardy promoting the film “Mad Max: Fury Road’. Having celebrities on the cover (usually in character from the film they are promoting) helps generate interest with the readers. The articles are visual, featuring pictures of the subject. The magazine articles are colorful, frequently featuring different colored font making it visually appealing to the reader. Taking into account the magazine heavily relies on promoting upcoming films, the advertising featured

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