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Pay attention when filling out the scantron. Arrive on time! Students must bring a #2 pencil in order to fill out the SCANTRON form. The instructor does not provide pencils. Students will be asked to fill in their first and last name and their University ID number (UID #) on the scantron form. It is VERY important to blacken all the bubbles for the UID # correctly! Failure to do so will result in a blank or zero score until the mistake is corrected, as well as a 2-point penalty for failing to follow directions. Note that only the GTA can help students fix the scantron form. Fixing one’s bubbles can only be done in person! Once the UID # is corrected, students can find out their grade, which is printed on the scantron form.
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In the event of a genuine emergency, students must provide the instructor with legitimate written documentation of the emergency (e.g., a physician's note) as soon as possible. If eligible, a make-up exam will consist of 5-10 essay questions based on the study guide (see next bullet), so consult the study guide and answer all the questions prior to taking the make-up exam, which will be closed-book and timed (it lasts up to 75 minutes). If a student knows that he or she will miss a scheduled exam because of a scheduling conflict with a university-sanctioned activity that requires his or her attendance (e.g., sports events for athletes), then he or she may take the regular exam early.

A study guide for each exam is already available in the manual (PIP PACKET) for this section of PSY 233. The study guide for exam 1 is just before chapter 5; the study guide for exam 2 is just before chapter 9; the study guide for exam 3 is just before chapter 13; and the study guide for exam 4 is at the very end of the PIP Packet. You are expected to write or type the answers elsewhere (e.g., in your notebook or computer). Just paraphrase the question before you answer it. Keep revising/adding your answers as you prepare for each exam. The study guides are just broad brushstrokes. Ultimately, students are responsible for everything that has been

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