Entrepreneurship Versus Intrapreneurship

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Entrepreneurship versus Intrapreneurship1
Veronica MAIER2

Abstract This paper provides a review of theoretical studies on the concepts of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, pinpointing the similarities and differences between them. Entrepreneurship continues to thrive in almost all corners of the world. Entrepreneurs are reshaping the business environment, creating a world in which their companies play an important role in the vitality of the global economy. But there is not always necessary to establish a company in order to implement new ideas. A great potential lies in applying business principles within existing organizations. Keywords: entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, human capital, business,
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Everyone wants to keep the information for themselves. • Feedback received in case of success/mistake: Costs in case of failure are too great and the reward for a successful outcome too small. Intrapreneurs must be allowed to commit mistakes, because such mistakes are an inevitable part in the entrepreneurial process. The recognition of success is also very rare. No company provides payment in advance for what an entrepreneur might accomplish, but a lot of them like to talk about the concept of intapreneurship and expected their employees to get involved and assume their risk. But finally, when motivated employees get involves and have success their only reward is a small bonus. • Dullness: Many companies are slow and reluctant to change. Intrapreneurs bump many times into the well known sentence “We always did it this way”, which leaves little or no space to creativity. The willingness to try new things appears only when the company 's shortcomings become apparent, but even so they don’t give room to an innovative leadership. • Hierarchies: Organizational hierarchies compel employees to ask permission for actions that fall outside their daily duties. The more complex the hierarchy the more difficult it is to impose change. Hierarchies
972 Volume 12, Issue 5, December 2011 Review of International Comparative Management

have also tended to create a short-term thinking. Employees on lower hierarchical levels have a
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