Management Style Of Semco

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Maverick is based on the author’s experience in his organization “Semco”. Semco, with its Maverick management style, challenges the system of conventional management styles. Ricardo Semler after taking reigns from his father went into uncharted waters and developed a management style that transformed a traditional company into dynamic and innovative company, which has the world’s most unusual workplace.

Organizational structure:
The major problem every company encounters is the structure or hierarchy of the organization. Usually, it is in the form of a pyramid and gets narrower as it rises resulting in the few people on the top of the pyramid gets more advantages in the company. But the lower level employees are not given that importance when it comes to the utilization of the benefits provided by the company.
Semco identified this problem in the …show more content…

The results are made available to everyone, thus ensuring the transparency. This ensures 360-degree feedback of the employees.
Semco also has the policy called Family Silverware where they encouraged internal employees to apply for jobs. The Qualification for Internal candidates is lax as they have to match 70% of the Job requirement.
Employees are asked to take leaves for maximum of two months to learn new skills, redesign new process or simply recharge. This is called Hepatitis Leaves in Semco. This is a compulsory Sabbatical for the Employees.
No employee is disturbed during his vacation as evident from the situations in the book, where critical business issue was handled when CEO was on leave. This also shows companies Trust in the employees and give employees confidence.
Semco asks employees to envision their future. They are supported to gain these qualifications through training, which is approved at the weekly business unit meetings. This has reduced the need for Formal

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