Entry Level Camera

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Entry-level camera Strategy
With the entry-level cameras, our strategy was to produce them with very minimal cost to ourselves. Furthermore, by having the entry-level cameras relatively low-cost this will potentially lead to mass production, which was our intended goal for these cameras. These cameras were envisioned where any average customer could purchase it comfortably to use on a daily basis. With that being said, we figured that many other companies would attempt to tackle the same price adjustment strategy that we were operating with. We reckoned that many companies were attempting to raise their prices for entry-level cameras, having said that we altered by maintaining a fairly lower price to raise profits. Unfortunately, we realize that this isn’t working out for our company, and decided to modify the prices, however we preformed this adjustment a bit to late for any major outcomes.

Production operations played a huge role on whether to allow more production in North America, or more in Europe-Africa. After many decisions, we begun to notice that North America, and Europe-Africa were our main consumers and had stronger demands for our products, we suddenly realized that we should offer the other more compensation to raise the production. We than decided to offer Asia-Pacific, and Latin America a larger discounts, and longer return dates, to increase the demands.

As the years progressed we decided to gradually raise the prices, and increase the number of models

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