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Environmental Action Plan Tree Plantation Project (TPP) They are cutting down more trees every day. By organizing a Tree Plantation Project (TPP) we can plant more trees that produce our oxygen. I will be working with the Schools and the Communities to educate how trees help cleanse the air by intercepting airborne particles, reducing heat, and absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide, and daily environmental activities. The current problems are losing CO2, building homes where it is not needed and destroying the rainforest. The animals are been force into the city due to them destroying their habitats. The overall impact is that by knocking down the trees we are depriving our…show more content…
Acquiring seeds on a yearly basis a member of the TPP will be responsible for finding the best place to purchase tree seeds and also the delivery of them. The nursery will hold smaller trees that can be planted among the communities. The nursery will be checked on a weekly basis and the responsible party will be taking inventory of what’s in the nursery. Acquiring planting tools will be available for every planting project which includes rakes, water hoses, shovels, soil etc. Involving the communities and Schools to ask questions or have environmental discussions, the meeting will be held twice a month. The TPP environment discussion and planning will be held and the end of the every month. Every spring and summer will have a plant sale, 100 plants between the two seasons to for the TPP project. Tree Plantation Project Tree Plantation Project By applying this action plan, I want to make the schools and the community aware of what’s going on in the environment involving trees. I would expect by putting together 10 environmental action plan activities that would build a lasting and informational plantation that will be available to the community; and with the knowledge and the right tools to have healthy trees in the communities. I plan to share my experience with other organization and with my communities on why it
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