Environmental Factors Of Intelligence And The Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices

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A person’s intelligence is their ability to to gain knowledge and skills in which they are able to use in their lives. IQ can be used alternatively with intelligence when talking about a person’s intelligence. IQ is an abbreviation for the German term intelligent quotient. One’s IQ is usually examined using IQ scores derived from different test taken. The Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices uses models which are presented in the form of matrices. IQ exams are generally reliable enough because most people ages ten and older have the same IQ scores throughout life. A person’s intelligence involves the ability to reason, solve problems, plan, and etc (Archita et al, 2016). Just like any other human trait, one’s intelligence varies from person to person (Archita et al, 2016). It has been hard to identify the particular genetic and environmental factors that determine IQ, but several environmental aspects have been proven to correlate with a person’s IQ, such as education (Oommen, 2014). There are various environmental factors on one’s intelligence. Various environmental factors such as parent’s education, place of residence, and diseases and disorders have a great impact on a person’s intelligence. Perspective: Place of residence affects intelligence: Several studies have shown how several places of residence has a great impact on one’s intelligence. Medical students from the Pune department of medicine support this because in a cross-sectional

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