Environmental Planning And Restoration Section

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Jessica Pagan Wilson
October 14, 2015
Paper 2 – Environmental Planning & Restoration

The environmental planning and restoration section in the Wheeler and Beatley (2014) book incorporates elements of sustainable development, and includes readings on biophilic cities, environmental restoration, and landscape ecological urbanism. Sustainability is the equitable and appropriate use of present resources to ensure a resilient future of interconnected systems. This conception of sustainability will be connected to the dimension of environmental planning and restoration by highlighting its importance to the concept, as well as its relation to the key sustainability themes of environmental protection, economic development, and social equity. Environmental planning and restoration are processes and practices that foster the goals of sustainable development. Environmental planning, though not explicitly defined within the dimension readings, includes planning and resulting decision-making that focuses on natural resource protection and management. The objective of environmental planning would not only be to promote a sustainable physical environment, but also sustainable governance and economic conditions within cities. The other aspect of the dimension is restoration, which is defined by the Society for Ecological Restoration, through Riley (1998), as “the process of intentionally altering a site to establish defined indigenous, historical ecosystem” (in Wheeler &

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