Environmental Polution : Global Warming And Environmental Pollution

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Hagar Mansour
Professor Godoy
English 1A
15 November 2017

Final Research Paper: Global Warming and Environmental Pollution/Harm Solutions Whether or not our environment is polluted is detrimental to every living human in the world and all the animals that haven’t yet been extinct, like others have been, due to our negligence as a people to our beautiful earth. The most immense damage to our environment is caused by an assortment of things, the most damaging paraphernalia are; fossil fuels (which is the most consumed form of energy concentration), which ties into air pollution (smog hanging over cities), and of course littering or the improper disposal of waste. In order to tidy up and secure our planet before it is worsened, we need to make the world well aware of the harm that pollution has caused to every living thing. We need guaranteed solutions to the mess we’ve created in order to overcome and fix the tragedy of our current state of abuse to our earth. Fossil fuel is a term used to describe a group of energy sources that were formed from ancient plants and organisms during the carboniferous period. Most of the air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. Carbon dioxide is a good indicator of how much fossil fuel is burned and how many other pollutants are emitted as a result. For industrialized nations like the United States, modern life is unthinkable without fossil fuels. By most estimates, coal, oil and natural gas are enough to supply 85 percent of America's energy demand. However, fossil fuel production also carries severe economic, environmental and social costs. Much of the concern arises from the emission of compounds like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in potentially devastating long-term contamination of land, air, and water resources. Carbon dioxide persists in the atmosphere for 50 to 200 years, so emissions released now will continue to warm the climate in the future. The EPA predicts that climate change will cause the demand for water to increase while the supply of water shrinks. Water is not only essential to human health

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