Environmental Sustainability Of Urban Heat Islands

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Scientific research into the dynamics of urban heat islands and possible remedies to the problem are vital in the cause of balancing human activities with environmental sustainability. The urgent and imminent environmentally and economically damaging effects of urban heat islands are concerning topics which necessitate equally as drastic solutions, some of which have already begun to be instated, but may not go far enough in protecting our planet. This paper discusses the present measures put in place to help improve urban heat islands, what the future may have in store without further work, and why our planet’s fate greatly depends on these measures. Furthermore, an in depth discussion regarding additional measures that can be effectively and efficiently used to improve urban heat islands will be explored. As aware citizens, individual and collective responsibility in respects to urban heat islands will be central in neutralizing the urban heat island crisis, and action must be taken before it is too late. An urban heat island is a metropolitan area that suffers from recurrent high temperatures compared to the cooler temperatures of its rural surroundings. There are many factors that contribute to the creation of urban heat islands, but if proper adjustment is done to albedo, architecture, and vegetation, there will be an effective and efficient reduction in city temperatures. Recent studies have shown that urban temperatures are gradually rising, and this dynamic is

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