Environmentalism And Other Isms ( And Ists )

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Environmentalism and Other Isms (and Ists)
Part A: Define the following terms:
1. Preservationism or Preservationist
Preservationism is an attempt that seeks to preserve, conserve, and protect landscapes and certain biodiversity hot spots. An example of preservationism would be setting aside a large piece of land as a "preservation" area that does not have human access. Preserving something means to protect it and save it. A preservationist is someone is supports the preservation of something, like historic buildings and artifacts.
2. Environmentalism or Environmentalist
Environmentalism is the theory that the environment is an important factor for an individual or groups in their growth as a cultural. Also, it is an improvement of the natural environment, especially in the form of protecting it from pollution or destruction. Other goals of environmentalism include “controlling the human population growth, conservation of natural resources, restriction of the negative effects of modern technology, and the adoption of environmentally benign forms of political and economic organization.” Environmentalists are people who care about the environment. They are concerned with the protection of the environment. They are “a person who believes that differences between individuals or groups, especially in moral and intellectual attributes, are predominantly determined by environmental factors, as surroundings, upbringing, or…

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