Envision A Mission For An Athletic Department

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Envision a Mission for an Athletic Department “To this day, after being in this business … the best day on a college campus is graduation, When I see kids I had a relationship with … graduating, you feel like you had a part in that.” David Williams, Athletic Director of Vanderbilt Athletics. Being around sports my whole life and now currently coaching a basketball team, I have encountered a few athletic directors and their supporting cast, which in a high school, it’s the principal and the administration staff. In some circumstance, especially from most coaches’ point of view, it is always about the result of the team and how good the players are. For some athletic directors, it is the same, but at the school I coach, it is also about …show more content…

Mission Statement As an athletic director, the mission statement that I would create for my student-athletes whom represent the university, as well as demonstrate the core values, would go something like this:
The mission of Eastern Connecticut State University is for student-athletes to become well known citizens and for all them to graduate. Athletes that come through our program will represent our University with the utmost respect for others, as well as for themselves. They will learn the right way to win and will win with class by showing sportsmanship and integrity.
The statement above hits the necessary criteria for an appropriate mission statement because it follows the NCAA’s core values, and demonstrates how the athlete should be perceived at the university. Not

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