Eos : The Corruption Of Humanity In The World

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Humanity has struggled with the proper use of Eros for thousands of years, and throughout the generations this corruption of Eros has been passed down from parents to their children by word, deed, and action. Man has the tendency to prefer what is most pleasant for himself, and he does not give a second thought as to the impact it has on his fellow man. This corruption of Eros can be documented back to the time of Socrates and has been a problem even before that time. We must come to terms with the fact that it is humanity that brings this upon themselves, and it is through our methods of child rearing, social interactions, politics, and technology that the following generations are being indoctrinated into this philosophy of nihilism and total self-centeredness. We now live in an era where time is money, and everything needs to be done fast and immediately to be able to create a profit that benefits big business and their stockholders. If we are not able to accomplish this task we are looked upon as useless and of no value to society. People work around the clock and do not have time for family, relaxation, friendship, or any kind of philosophical dialogue because they have become slaves to money, prestige, power, and sex. Humanity never slows down, but we seem to create even more work for ourselves when we perceive even the slightest impression that we might not have anything to do. Not having something to do scares people today, people become anxious and panic

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