Epekt/421 Week 2 Personal Reflection

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1- My gender (Abel 2017) is a female. I can describe my race (Abel 2017) by my physical characteristics such as I am white, I have long black hair, I have brown eyes. I can represent my ethnicity (Abel 2017) with my nationality that I am Egyptian, Christian, and I know how to speak 3 languages (Arabic, French, and English). These things have affected my life positively. For example, when I came to the United States, there were many friends who were interested to know about me and my country. Also, it affects negatively because at a time that I was trying to find a job that I like and it was on a factory, they someone came and told me that they didn’t accept me because they needed a boy to work in this position of a job, because you might carry stuff and boys are stronger than girls. Moreover, the Muslim brotherhood force Christian women to wear the hijab. That’s what the Muslim women wear around their…show more content…
Also, when the people destroy and vandalize the churches in Egypt. My perceptions are that’s not safe, we live as we live in a forest and everyone wants to kill the other. We should take action to change these problems. For example, protest, and get a goal to let men and women have equal treatment and the same rights. I think that the people who use the prejudice, they learn and used to be like that, hating people and treat them with a superior way. 4- Affirmative action is an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education; positive discrimination. I agree with it, because it will let everyone be equal, having the same level and no one will be treated superior or inferior. for example, if we get to the women their rights to be treated as men so all be equal then it will be no more prejudice, because we will not have any more dominant or subordinate
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