Epidemic Of Cheating

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Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do just about anything to get it? Like that promotion at work that was contingent upon your performance and you finagled your sales numbers to get it. Think about that final exam in college that you didn’t study for and you used your friend’s graded exam from last semester during the test. Sounds familiar? Well, it sounds like cheating to me, wouldn’t you say? Don’t feel horribly bad about it. Most people are guilty of the crime one way or another. Cheating has become a worldwide epidemic in education, politics, and entertainment even though, it is publicly judged and convicted by society. So why do we do cheat you might ask? Although, I don’t have a precise answer I do have an…show more content…
For instance, if you cheat on an assignment in class you are not actually learning the concept that is being taught through the assignments. When it time to take a test to evaluate if you have master that skill, you won’t know the information needed to pass. Most likely you are going to cheat on the test to pass. Another way cheating can become a habit is a person might realize how easy accomplishing one’s goals through cheating can be and continue to use cheating to gain what is desired throughout…show more content…
Especially, when you are in a desperate situation. It’s a fast and effective way to get ahead when put in a stressful position. It might seem like a quick come up or way to get ahead at that moment, but it could have some strenuous disadvantages in the long run. In addition, some people might even believe that a little cheating never hurt anyone. Well that’s not totally true. Cheating can affect the cheater, cheated, and sometimes the ones who stand to be affected by a decision were dishonesty is involved like in politics. Cheating doesn’t seem as important of an issue today but, it is not a harmless act. It is habit forming, it can negatively change your life, and it can give a false impression of achievement. Cheating and dishonesty can be detrimental to your personal life as well as the lives of others. What if this world was based on lies, cheating and dishonesty and no one stood up for what’s right? Could we trust the very people that hold our futures in their hands to be competent enough to do what is best for us? One thing that could be done to stop this epidemic is teaching our children it is wrong to cheat. Learning it is wrong to cheat, steal or, be dishonest at an early age to produce well groomed, law abiding, productive citizens. After all they are our future and they can make a
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