Cheating Is A Common Thing For People

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This report is about cheating especially in examination. As we know cheating is a common thing for people currently. Every person had done cheating in their life even once. Cheating has been part of our daily life. Although the all knew that cheating is wrong in every way they still do it for maintain or increasing their grade in every examination. From our observation, every person that never do cheating will begin to cheat after they did it even once, and most of them because of they were seeing their friends involved in cheating. It is shameful that because of they are in the circles of cheater they will begin to cheat. But there isn’t an always external factors but also it is an internal factors from them self to begin cheat. If they an intention inside of them that wanted to start cheating, it is part of internal factors.
In this research we are collecting some information from the internet and mostly about cheating in examination. We were looking from many journals that studied about why they are doing cheating, when was the first time they were doing cheating, what are the factors, do they know cheating is bad, and many other factors about cheating that we conducted from the internet. Currently we are just using the secondary data from articles and journals that we can found online but in the future we want to do some interview and observation on field person to person. Due to the short amount of time we couldn’t do it recently.
We hope that all of the
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