Episiotomy And Perineal Tear During Delivery

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Episiotomy and Perineal Tear During Delivery A first time pregnant woman in labor who has limited medical knowledge about episiotomy may become frighten when all of a sudden as she is actively pushing, the provider tells her stop because the passageway to let the baby out is narrow, therefore he/she is going to perform a procedure which involves an incision made to the vagina that will assist the birthing process, therefore allowing the baby to be delivered easily and preventing further complications. This might be really frightening to the patient due to her limited knowledge and prior misconceptions about the procedure. Episiotomy is normally done out of necessity (such as in the case of resolving shoulder dystocia), rather than electivity (randomly choosing to have/perform an episiotomy when it is not absolutely necessary). Like any other surgical procedure, episiotomy comes with its benefits and potential complications, therefore it is unfair to rate the procedure as “bad” or “unnecessary” practice base on common misconceptions that usually focuses on the potential complications that could arise after the surgery, rather than the overall benefit of the surgery. This paper is going to address the risks and benefits of episiotomy, as well as some of the common misconceptions surrounding this procedure, and also the most popular comparison and contrast between it versus normal perineal tear, but first let’s start with definition and basic understanding of an episiotomy.…
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