Patient Profile : Joanne And Steve Wanted A C Section

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Patient profile: Joanne and Steve wanted a C-section as they had difficultly delivery with their first child; however Joanne went into labour early. The baby was delivered 3 days before the C-section was scheduled. With her first child she was given an epidural that did not work, this is why she had requested the C-section for the birth of this child. Their first child died at 21 days old, he was an IVF baby and it had taken them 5-6 years to get him. After a couple of years they started trying for another baby, they had been saving up for more IVF but they managed to conceive naturally. They had more scans during this pregnancy to ensure the health of the baby was okay. Barriers to communication: She was given air by the midwives to help her with the pain as she had been experiencing contractions since 8:00 AM. She needed to see the doctor about the C-section and stated that if she could have an epidural she would try and deliver the child naturally, if it didn 't work (like with her first child) she would want the C-section. She is rushed to the delivery unit for an epidural. When she is examined before the epidural a problem is found. The time it would take for her to sit up and for the epidural to be administered would be too late as she would then have to push. When she was told this she started to become scared as she had a difficult first birth as the epidural did not work and now she could not have one. She was then offered alternative pain relief. She went into
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