Epistemology: Positivist And Phenomenology

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Deciphering from all the above research philosophy the author would adopt an Epistemological Approach. This approach allows the researcher the in-depth desires to gain knowledge with respect to a particular phenomenon related to the thesis topic; performance management systems in the Radiology Department at E.W.M.S.C. The author shall decipher is what is the nature of the relationship between the knower and what can be known. The approach to this research paper shall be exploratory and acknowledges the individuality of human nature which would be core components of the research topic. The researcher is also mindful of the experiential ontological perspective and in basing the research on objective reality and is mindful that this position or assumption does not and shall not influence the epistemological choices or conclusions drawn from the research. 3.1.2 Positivist and Phenomenological Paradigm …show more content…

The author is primarily concerned with the study of performance and performance managements systems from the perspective of the staff members of the Radiology Department, while isolating taken-for-granted and usual ways of perceiving assumptions. The phenomenological approach apart from starting with a perspective free hypotheses, brings to the forefront the experiences and perceptions of individuals from their own perspectives thereby challenging structural or normative assumptions. The phenomenological approach would not only be particularly effective at understanding subjective experience, motivations and actions of the target group but also allow the researcher to be cognizant of the fact that, there are many dimensions of research to be

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