Epistemology And Its Impact On Human Relations

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Existence in this sophisticated world as the habitat of human life has been faced with numerous challenges exhibited in policies that govern relationships. Human variations in perception of various life concepts are navigated by understanding, knowledge and the meaning attached to issues. Poverty, racism, global warming, terrorism, disease, political and religious affiliations are among the issues that impinge human relations today. These problems are influenced with people’s knowledge about existence and what they consider to be valid. Thus, philosophy has manifested great contribution in helping people achieve harmonious existence by relying on reason in arguments via successful communication and decision making processes. Epistemology, …show more content…

Epistemological, ontological and axiological contribution in elaborating who I am and my stand I am a person who is committed to contributing to epistemology ontology and axiology in understanding the society for my benefit and other people. I believe in education, technology dynamics, and change in general but the role played by philosophy in the understanding of the world and its variations. Philosophy has enabled me to understand that epistemology and ontology are important elements knowledge acquisition and proof. Epistemology is distinct from ontology in the sense that epistemology focuses on the knowledge of things, the way we know things while ontology investigates what things are in nature and origin which helps me to know who I am. Epistemology is concerned with belief rationality, nature, origin, methods, knowledge validity and limits of human knowledge, (Genest, 2004). Following this observation am committed to understanding how the truth about what I know influences my personal beliefs and ideologies. Eventually, my ultimate concern is to justify and verify the little knowledge I possess. According to the school of evidentialism, the evidence is relevant in the justification of belief, (Clark & VanArragon, 2011). Secondly, ontology is concerned with the entities in the universe, and I must understand it to understand the world. Questions ranging

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