Epitaphio Research Paper

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1. Have you ever heard the word Epitaphio? In Brazil I grew up listening this word on the radio during Holy Week but I never gave much attention to the meaning of the word. But, I new the effect it had on people.
2. This week while planning the rituals for the Paschal Triduum I had the opportunity to explore more deeply the etymology of the word Epitaphio. It comes from the Greek language and means "Lamentation upon the Grave". Many of us have experienced this when we lose a beloved one and mourn upon their grave.
3. From before the Great Schism of the church, in the Byzantine period, Christians have been reenacting the moment of the death and burial of Jesus. The ritual has been modified according to the church, the culture and the symbolism of different countries. In our days Epitaphios are done by churches who maintain the connection with traditions from the undivided Church in the early centuries. They carry the icon of the burial of Jesus into the streets, not to proclaim that God is dead but to reaffirm that God has done amazing …show more content…

God’s Son will be brought to life. But that’s not the only reason for the ritual of the burial of the icon.
5. You may be wondering why Fr. Sam is bringing up this symbolism on the second Sunday of Lent.
6. I ask you, who was there on Golgotha at the time of the death of Jesus, and who was there removing the dead body of Christ from the cross to the grave? The Bible and tradition says: some of the women who followed Jesus and John the disciple were by the cross. For the removal of the body the Bible talks explicitly about two important men, Joseph of Arymathea and the character from today’s Gospel, Nicodemus.
7. Somebody once said “Love is proved by deeds!” – in the moment of death, in crisis, and feeling hopeless, most of Jesus disciples were somewhere else. Only these very few stayed until the end.
8. Why do you think it matters to know that Joseph and Nicodemus were there when Mary needed help? Lets take a look at this

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