Equality Diversity Inclusion

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1.1 Explain what is meant by.

Equality is treating people fairly and making sure that everyone is given a fair chance and that their individual needs are met. It’s about giving all sections of the community equal access to employment, education and other services that are provided whilst valuing and respecting them. Recognising that different sections of the community require specific measures to make sure they receive equality. Recognising how and why some groups are underrepresented and knowing what to do about it. Taking positive action to assist individuals where this is appropriate.

Diversity means to have a variety of people from all minority groups represented in the community or setting. It is
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These outcomes from discrimination might have long term effects on the child’s social, emotional and educational growth.

The Family: Discrimination can affect the family socially, emotionally and financially if they are not supported by the school or setting the child is in. Emotionally and socially parents become defensive against any negative reaction to their child and are over protective. This can result in them feeling isolated, alone and paranoid whenever they take their child into the public eye. Often parents become suspicious of anyone who asks any questions about their children. Financially they might not know what benefits they are entitled to so will not enquire.

The Settings: Discrimination can make an educational or any setting a difficult place for the child or young person to live in. All settings must have policies in place to deal with all forms of discrimination. The school or setting must make the child and family who are the victims feel supported at all times. They should act quickly and professionally and deal with discrimination as per government guidelines.

The Perpetrators: The effects on the perpetrators can be both positive and negative depending on the reason they discriminated. Mostly people discriminate because they don’t understand why that child or young person is different and can’t deal with the difference. If the perpetrator is a child or young person then they could be dealt
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