Equality : Equality And Equality

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Imagine you must design a society where everyone is equal. This may mean equal in wealth, equal in education, equal in opportunity, but it is up to you to decide what “equal” means. A. List five rules or laws that you would need to make so that everyone is equal. (For example, everyone must wear khaki pants and white shirts.) B. Can you predict any problems that might result from these rules and laws? (For example, some people don’t like the color green). Everyone can get an education no matter what their skin color, religion, etc. Problem: Some people will not be fair to people that are different from them, they will do anything to make themselves feel better. If someone is different from what we see as normal they will naturally judge them. Luckily a fair amount of people will keep their thoughts in their head and not say anything, however not everyone will be able to hold back their thoughts and that is when bullying or violence can occur. 2. People can share their own opinions. Problem: Many people do not have the same opinions. If someone doesn’t agree with someone it could result in violence whether it’s physical or verbal. People grow up and learn different views on life based on what they see from adults and peers. 3. People can wear whatever they want in public unless it is inappropriate. Problem: People will have different opinions on what is deemed inappropriate. Different religions, races, etc. Some people might think shorts are inappropriate

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