Equitation Science Essay

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Equitation science
Equitation science is an evidence-based approach to horse training and riding that focuses on a thorough understanding of both equine ethology and learning theory. This combination leads to more effective horse training, but also plays a role in keeping horse riders and trainers safe around horses (Starling et al., 2016).
Training programme
This training plan is working towards the Novice working hunter class at Ryedale show (Class description can be seen in Figure 8). A full copy of the training programme can be seen in figure 9.
Week 1
This horse will not be given a drastic change in feed. All that will be done is a dash of Flaxseed oil added too one feed per day. Several studies have been presented since 1986 showing improved stamina and endurance in performance horses as a result of including fats and oils as an energy source in their diets (Kapper, 2017). Priority at this point needs to be on his jumping. When doing flatwork, he will be lunged …show more content…

This will also give the rider chance to gain feedback from the judge. Whilst this horse is beginning to do harder work it must be made sure that there is not an extreme loss of electrolytes. Davies, (2009) states that, for competition horse’s electrolytes, should be fed after hard work and competitions. These can be fed either in the form off a supplement or a less expensive alternative can be to feed the horse a mixture of 50% salt and 50% Lo-salt. When out hacking, hill work will be incorporated throughout. It is important this horse builds up muscle behind as this is what judges will look for in a good working hunter horse. Hunter horses are judged based on the horse’s style, their form over fences, pace and the judge’s overall impression of the horse. The horse should also have a good attentive expression, good scope, tight knees that go up to the horse’s chin and/or nose and they jump up and around the fences using their head and neck (It'sShowTime,

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