Eric case study

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Motivation Management failure to motivate staff therefore decreased effectiveness, high absenteeism, turnover, low productivity. In order to understand employee motivation and satisfaction, Herzberg 2 factor theory could be applied, which is categorized as classical approach. In this case, dissatisfaction with work can come from company policy and administration in which staff is not involved, as well a job insecurity. Demotivates: lack of recognition (Kipsy) and job is not challenging. It could be recommended, that job rotation/enrichment could be applied. As well as Herzberg concluded, that employees will be motivated if there will be challenging and interesting job. Communication formal/informal Communication within organization is…show more content…
Deviant workplace behaviour shown in “busy out” Weekly action plan have been produced for Eric and therefore effectiveness could be improved. It can be suggested, that theory Z can be applied, as its staff training, job rotation. Action plan: Week 1 Job design review Day 1-2 Job rotation (example: staff can do half day data entering and other half day answering phone) Job enrichment (Kipsy) (example: she can do simple job from supervisor role, such as look after the people who are on breaks, so the desks won’t be empty. Regular breaks for staff Day 3-4 Set goal weekly, monthly, daily Set up deadlines Day 5 Technology review/update, so possible errors could be avoided. Week 2 training Day 1 ethical training Explain what behaviour are expected Day 3 policy procedures Explain and point out on problems/feedback Day 5 training for enhances staff skills Training for part-time staff Week 3 communication Day 1-2 set up private, social network (Yammer) Day 3-4 set up schedule of regular meeting in order to promote communication Day 5 give feedback Week4 change/outcomes Day 1-2 create anonymous questionnaire for staff (satisfaction, suggestions) Day 3-4 plan on organizational bonuses/rewards Day 5 plan on flexible time day 3-4-5 ------ all to the top management In order to analyse my personal cultural
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