Ernest Rutherford's Life And Accomplishments

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Before Science:

According to Nobel, Ernest Rutherford was born August 30th, 1871. His home country is New Zealand. He had a very large family. He was the fourth of twelve kids. There were seven boys and five girls. Ernest Rutherford was a very intellectual student. He applied and was excepted into Nelson Collegiate School at age 16.


To start off, the Nobel Prize says that he was awarded with a University scholarship for the University of New Zealand which is basically like the Harvard or Stanford of New Zealand when he was only 18 years old.. His first researches were on magnetic properties of iron exposed to high frequencies. This experiment that he conducted was called the Magnetization of Iron by High-Frequency Discharges. Later, Ernest Rutherford instructed a detector for electromagnetic waves. This device was able to measure electromagnetic waves.
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An Alpha ray is also known as an Alpha particle. These particles have two protons and two neutrons, so when an atom releases one Alpha particle that atom’s atomic number decreases by two. A Beta ray, also known as a Beta particle, is a fast-moving, high-energy electron emitted by radioactive decay of substances. Ernest Rutherford identified alpha particles as helium nuclei. Ernest Rutherford also postulated the nuclear structure of the atom. This means that he came up with the idea and convinced people that an atom had a nuclear structure, which it does. Another fun fact, is that he went to Cambridge University off of a scholarship that he earned. He became a pupil of J.J. Thompson. Late into the year, he became Thompson first graduate student. Eventually, he contributed and led to the exploration of nuclear physics. Ernest Rutherford was Cambridge University’s very first research student, states the Chemical Heritage Foundation and the Nobel
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