Erp (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Op 300 Team Members: Abby Khan, Ertugrul Caglayan, Duy Bui Application of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a software that allows companies to automate and integrate many of their business processes, share a common database and business practices throughout the enterprise, and produce information in real time. The objective of ERP system is that it supports the streaming and distribution of geographically scattered enterprise information across all the functional units of a business house. It provides the business management executives with a comprehensive overview of the complete business process, which in turn influences their decisions in a productive way. Many big companies have adopted ERP into…show more content…
In fact, there were about one third of Omantel’s users who did not know how to use the new system. Besides, the training was less effective when the staffs were trained 7 months before they actually used the system. Consequently, Omantel had to pay Oracle to conduct new training class. Testing & Customization: Before the project went live, the new system was tested to ensure a smooth implementation. However, it revealed that they had done an insufficient depth analysis and information and the ERP system needed to be customized and adjusted to come up to par. Consequently, this was one of the significant factors that made the implementation and launching of the project late. Result Implementing the ERP system was an essential changing process for Omantel to develop. ERP is a complex system, so the difficulties and limitations are unavoidable. Communication, training and risk management are some of the main obstacles that any organizations that use ERP should put into considerations. Although there are several difficulties, the result of Omantel has been quite positive. Most of Omantel’s employees believe that the new system has made a positive change in their work (Maguire, S., Ojiako, U. & Said, A., 2010). Because of the limitation of available information of Omantel’s implementation result, Omantel ERP system is considered as partly
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