Erp as Software as a Service (Saas) for Smes

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ERP as Software as a Service *(*SaaS*)* for SMEs Table of Contents Page Abstract The main barriers for implementing ERP systems in SMEs were constraints in terms of resources and information, implementation time escalations, poorly defined organisational structures, weak formalisation of procedures or processes, unclear and also confused understanding amongst the employees and management. There are various methods to overcome the barriers of implementing ERP solutions in SMEs. This include coming up with a realistic value-adding processes required to be incorporated in the proposed ERP system, providing effective education on ERP systems, making sure as a vendors, they do not just provide lip service and to involve…show more content…
For SaaS vendors, they must focus on make possible easier deployments to avoid the need for pricey consultation support. Also they should truly deliver lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and offer more robust strategies for integration that acknowledges the current volatile environments and also in the near future. Finally, the SaaS solutions offered must be simpler, more agile, more robust, and more intuitive and worthy of all the investments allocated. References Banham, R 2008, ‘Up and Away - Companies are feeling a little less trapped by spreadsheets these days’, CFO Magazine, viewed 19 October 2009, Bernroider, E. W. N & Leseure, M. J 2005, ‘Enterprise resource planning (ERP) diffusion and characteristics according to the system’s lifecycle: A comparative view of small-to-medium sized and large enterprises’, Working Papers on Information Processing and Information Management, Institute of Information Processing and Information Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Bontis, N & Chung, H 2000, ‘The evolution of software pricing: from box licenses to application service provider models’, Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 246-255. Christodoulou, M 2009, ‘How big is an SME? Confusion over size could complicate international rules’,
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