Erving Goffman

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There are a lot of people using words as symbols and what they mean differently. In society, people deals with symbolic interaction to define words. Symbolic interaction is the way of human beings with social behaviors and using words as definitions, but it can also create, define, and shared. According to G.H Mead, he believed all sorts of things about symbol interaction, and the way of how symbols can relate the vocabulary of all the words they know or what they don’t know. I can tell you all the symbols and what they mean in the vocabularies. Erving Goffman is a sociologists who is known as a great approach, he understands how the dramaturgical perspective can lead to a different way of thinking about the social life, experiences and your personal life. I can easily understand what he meant, also I felt the same way about my social life or my experiences. Social life can be different, but even mine, so people have different experiences. Everyone’s life is not perfect…show more content…
People relate to define words that means from vocabularies to see what they mean from different words to describe. Symbol interaction words can be different of what people say or what they mean. Sometimes words can be hard, but people don’t get it. For example, the word “bread”, it means like money or make a sandwich with, also it can be a synonym or antonym. Even in other countries use different words from name of foods or greetings. In videos, they use symbol interactions to show how they intend to use words of meanings on first dates or job interviews. On first dates, people judges of impression without getting to know each other, but they need to communicate with a person you like and get to know each other more without impression. Be friends’ first, study hard, and then graduate to go to your dream
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