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One cold Saturday morning, I was waiting to get picked up by one of my bosses’ employee’s. As I waited in the grey fog, a white Ford pick-up truck pulls up slowly beside me and a man named James greets me, then tells me to hop in the truck. We head over to the construction site and the drive was about thirty-minutes long, we drove across the Inland Empire until we arrived at the site of Moreno Valley. There awaited a man named Salvador, who surprisingly shared the same name as me! He is a licensed contractor, who’s in charge of running his company called Chava’s Plastering INC. as well as supervising his construction team. In the yard, there were large metal strips laid on the dirty ground and I met the crew, such as the mixers and …show more content…

I was curious and wanted to know more his occupation. He explained to me the pay for contractors are between ninety thousand and one hundred and fifty thousand dollars depending on work experience and education. He also told me that many construction companies are hiring for young workers to train for specific positions, but they must be at least eight or older. Furthermore, Salvador took me over to see the workers in action. We walked outside into the heat and I saw men applying black paper with wiring all along the walls. Tim had to bring a massive mixer by us by getting in his truck, driving down the dirt road to load the mixer. He then drove back to us, unloading the mixer getting and it in position so the workers can do their job effectively. The workers grabbed bags of concrete and poured it in a mixer with water. He told me that many of the men working here first started off with an internship to gain work experience. I was thinking of applying for a position for an internship so I can have a career like Salvador. I then saw that there were two men on top of this platform wearing work boots, white long sleeve clothes and protective gear. He explained to me that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires all works to follow their safety polices, for example, to always wear glasses and a helmet on site. The reason for that is to keep the workers safe, that’s his

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