Essay About High School And University

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High school and university are another part in everyone lives. High school, there is the first thing to meet inevitably. In high school, someone may be happy about being a celebrity in the school, being a star in the sport, being a hot girl and a hot boy or being kind person. But someone isn't happy about being weak, being bullied, being unbearable, get many perspectives on many things different from friends about idea or gets insulted about financial status of family by friends. And all of above, may be a little story to meet in high school for someone but someone may think be big story of your life. But real, the social in high school is a little story of your life. If compare with university because the social in university bigger than high school. For …show more content…

You can't guess everything about your meet in the university because it can change all the time.
Firstly, high school and university. If you talk about differences, it can be divided into many aspects. As for living in high school life, someone say it is the time of happiest in life. Do not face pressure and do not face stress. Have good friends. The study was not serious. There are plenty of time to do a lot of things, whether on vacation or on holiday, whether in the country or the foreign. Have a specific holiday and have a lot of holidays. But someone thinks is adult not teenage. The teenage disagree about it. The teenage think high school is so boring. It’s not fun, not happy because they have too much homework, too much exam. They think university is comfort because less of study, less of exam. And they think university is not rules because some university can wear casual dress. University can dip hair color but high school can’t dip hair color. University don’t stand in line and show respect for the nation while singing the national anthem in the morning but high school always must be make it. Some university can come to class it up to you but high

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