Essay About Yabuyawag Language

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For indigenous Australians, the use of traditional language is crucial to their identities as it is closely connected to cultural heritage and knowledge, both of which are passed on throughout each generation by their languages (Walsh & Yallop 191). In this community, there are number of various dialects spoken by different tribes of people. Each language represents the identity and culture of its speakers. Therefore, even though everyone in this community speaks Yabuyawung language, we cannot allow the school to use only one language. If we allow the school to use only one language, we cannot help maintaining our own ancestral languages for future generations. And also, the choice of Yabuyawung in both regional cities and outstations are complicated because there is a flow of young people in outstations away from their community to the …show more content…

Use of one’s own language in school is a crucial way to preserve the language in an English-dominated society, as well as the important pathway to narrowing educational disadvantage. It is crucial for indigenous Australians to pass our cultural heritage and knowledge on from one generation to the next by language (Walsh & Yallop 191-204). Therefore, I would suggest the school to run a short-term mother-tongue education program or have co-curricular activities for students. It may be difficult to run a mother-tongue education programs or have co-curricular activists because extra-curricular activities cost a lot on parents or schools. Furthermore, schools often do not have the resources or skills to educate children effectively in their mother-tongue languages. However, it is crucial to maintain people’s mother-tongue so indigenous Australian can affirm and protect self-esteem and a strong sense of identity and. Therefore, I would suggest for Australian government or indigenous Australian government to launch a national education strategy and have impetus to solve the

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