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Who knew one thing could cause such an impact on someone's life? Danny was impacted by a moment in his life that changed him and caused him to be different. Danny was a guy who lived alone in a home he once shared with his parents. He was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he and his K9 partner Cody were assigned to the K-9 bomb unit. Danny and K9 Cody were sent to search areas to make sure no explosives existed before troops moved in. Danny was honorably discharged from the Marines and is now a war veteran. The war was not good for Danny and it really changed him. First, he became an amputee. Danny lost his leg below the knee on his left side. The other thing that made him different was he now suffered from PTSD. Danny doesn’t…show more content…
Danny spent days, sometimes weeks without even going outside. Danny was sad, lonely and just wanted someone in his life. All he did was stare at his gray wall. As he went to his room he saw a picture of him and Cody and the flashback came into his mind. He could hear were the whimpers of Cody as he lay there dying. He became sad and filled with rage. Danny slammed the picture down and began to cry. Most nights, Danny would wake up screaming and sweating because of the dreams he had of the war. He was always alone and stayed in his house. He was very shy and self conscious because of his leg. He would say to himself, “I can’t do this anymore, I hate my life!” He spent so much time home alone, he forgot how to socialize, and was becoming more and more depressed. One day he decided to take a drive, and ended up at a local pet store. He walked inside and saw that the puppies were on sale. Danny wanted to go check out what kind of puppies they had. He looked around for a while, when one started to try to play with him. This puppy was special because it only had three legs, but was very playful. Danny knew he and this dog could develop a special bond. He knew this puppy could be the one thing that could help him turn his life around. Danny decided to take the puppy home and name him Rex. At first Danny was very worried that this could affect him in a negative way by bringing up memories of the war and Cody. A big part of him hoped this puppy would be a very positive
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