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I have a deep understanding of the many factors that make up Israel as a result of taking classes about the State of Israel and participating in many seminars for Israel advocacy. People that can intelligently discuss these components of Israel, like me, are the ideal people to advocate for Israel. People with deep knowledge of the country are able to defend, debate, and advocate with others who are uninformed or even against Israel in an intelligent, sensible, and sophisticated manner. However, too much information can cloud one’s judgement and make it harder to see other legitimate arguments. It is very important to be able to separate fact from opinion when delivering a speech or having a regular discussion in order to be professional …show more content…

Israel is also a modern cultural oasis in the middle of a volatile map where fighting still continues today, weather it is with the violence in Chevron or the fights in the West Bank. Israel has never been able to have a fair chance in its own land and now it is time that that struggle ends. The culture of Israel has also influenced its modern growth. Because of this, my Jewish day school education has also benefited me in that I have had the opportunity to study Hebrew daily through various classes, newspapers, television shows, books, and music which has helped me embrace my cultural connection to Israel on a daily basis. In addition to my constant interaction with the hebrew language, I also encounter daily with the modern Israeli music and food, which can also connect people with disagreeing beliefs. Many people are not necessarily on a particular side of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and by showing and teaching these people what makes up Israel can really influence a person’s opinion on the topic. By putting politics aside, you are able to discover the core and values of people through adventure and culture. By teaching and experiencing Israeli culture, it is easy to show how Israel is trying to do good for the world and not bad. One disadvantage of my education is that I

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